Montessori School & Day Care Center in Bloomington, Minnesota

Visit our Montessori school in Bloomington, Minnesota, and find the best day care center for your child. Montessori Children's House offers early learning options for children ages six weeks to six years, and we provide a wide range of special Montessori programs designed for your child.
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Affordable Tuition
In the Montessori philosophy, learning doesn't begin at six weeks, end at 6:00 p.m., or even take a three-month break each summer. That's why Montessori Children's House operates a year-round program.

A hot lunch and all snacks are included for the full-day price for toddlers and preschoolers. There is also a discount for siblings. Tuition is paid on a weekly basis and is broken down as follows:

Full-Day Program
Infants (6 Weeks to 16 Months): $295
Toddlers (16 Months to 33 Months): $250
Preschool (33 Months to 6 Years): $225

The Montessori Children's House has been owner-operated for more 20 years and we are now caring for second-generation children. The school is bright and clean, creating a soothing atmosphere for learning. Trust your children with our caring staff, which has more than three decades of child care experience. We have a stable environment created by low turnover.

Contact us in Bloomington, Minnesota, and see how our day care center and Montessori school is perfect for your child.